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Hey! I’m Felicity.

I’m not just a savvy SEO wordsmith with over 20 years of copywriting and content creation experienceI’m your ally in creating deep, resonant connections with your customers through copy.

Based in Melbourne, I work with clients all over the world to discover untapped sales and stories, using magnetic content tailored for conversions—ready to get started?


Human-centric copy

Engage and inspire with content that tickles the funny bone and tugs at heartstrings, all while driving your message home.

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Cut through the noise with masterful web copywriting, content marketing, and sales copy that speaks volumes.

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Our copywriting services

We ignite action with carefully crafted content that’s impossible to ignore.

Website content


Snap up more traffic with copy that’s both Google-friendly and irresistibly engaging.


Brand Voice


Find the perfect pitch for your brand to forge stronger, more meaningful audience relationships.


Sales Writing


Persuade without the hard sell.  Tell your brand’s story in a way that feels less like selling and more like connecting.

SEO Audits


Understand what’s holding you back from better rankings and let our expert advice guide you to SEO success.





Editing copy is a tough and tedious job.
We make it look easy. Fine-tune your content until it shines, effortlessly.

AI expert


Navigating AI can be tricky. Let me show you how to seamlessly align AI-generated content to your brand voice & values.


4 reasons to hire us as your secret weapon



Running a business can feel like you're juggling chainsaws while riding a unicycle. Say goodbye to marketing stress—our copywriters tackle the tough stuff.



Watch your vision come to life in words that capture hearts.  It's like someone reached into your mind, pulled out your best ideas, and laid them out on a page.



Strut your stuff with brand messaging that's suave and persuasive.  Hiring us is like putting on a Saville Row suit tailored to make your brand sound like a million bucks.



Make your brand more than a logo and catchy slogan—give it a soul. A copywriter helps you connect on a human level, like in a rom-com when the leads' eyes meet, and everyone in the theatre just knows.

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You are everything we would wish for in a copywriting agency in Melbourne – professional, pro-active, positive and responsive.
Frank Niehof
Hindsight Design
Well Versed copy is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business growth. I wouldn’t trust my clients’ copy with anyone else. Don’t hesitate – get them writing for you asap.
Trish Nicol
The Trish Nicol Agency
Thank you so much for your help and general get it done attitude. It’s been a dream.
murray Jess
Canon Business Services

About Me

Master your market.

Harness our words to make more impact today.

Our Melbourne website copywriting and content writing services make your message magnetic every time. 


Not just words—experiences.

We don’t just write. We invent stories that launch your brand sky-high.

Your brand, amplified.

Supercharge your voice and content. Be a lighthouse in the vast digital sea.

20+ years’ expertise.

We deliver more than just content – we deliver experiences that resonate and reflect the core of your brand.

Boost your web visibility.

Hit a content wall? We’ll add the SEO magic that’s irresistible to Google’s algorithms.

Engage and convert.

We craft stories that turn interested clicks into loyal customers.

Sharpen your social edge.

Catch more than just glances with social media content that’s as addictive as it is impactful.

If you want professional copywriting services that make your brand shine bright for all the right reasons, your search ends here.

Content to keep.

Stick around for top-tier copywriting wisdom and tricks of the trade.


See your business at its best—polished, professional, and impressive.
We give you the kind of glow-up that turns heads. It's your brand, but like, in a tuxedo.


Well, we could say that everyone does, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. First off, you need to have something to sell––a product or service or big idea––and an idea of how you want to sell it. It’s our job to use our persuasive writing skills to encourage people to take action on your site, whether that’s making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.


But even the best freelance copywriter in the world can’t persuade customers who don’t exist. If your site isn’t generating any traffic, we may need to work on your search engine optimization or reach out to potential customers through other channels like email campaigns or social media. 


If you’re just starting out in business, or refreshing an old brand, we can start with the basics and create a brand voice strategy or content strategy that will have people clamouring to buy or work with you.


“Why would I hire a copywriter when I can just write my own content? Everyone can write.”


Sure, you could do your content creation and web pages yourself, but let’s consider what you’re really losing out on.


  • How much is your time worth?
  • How much business are you losing because your copy isn’t as persuasive as it could be?
  • What traffic are you losing because you haven’t optimised your copy for search engines?


Writing may seem easy, but the time it takes to create the kind of content that gets serious cut-through isn’t for everyone. Handing your web copywriting over to professionals can save you time and help you create compelling written content that resonates with your audience and ultimately leads to more sales.


And yes, you could get AI to do it for you. But, at the moment, getting AI to write great conversion copy that works takes serious skills in crafting the right prompts and knowledge about the kind of copy you need. And, after months spent working out how to become an AI whisperer, I’ve found it often takes twice as long as if I wrote the damn thing myself.


This copywriting gig has been our day job for over 20 years. You learn a thing or 30 in that time about which words in what order make people click. Yes, you could find the perfect words to wow your peeps, but how will you know what’s working and why? That’s what we do for our clients––and we make it look easy. And isn’t your time better spent doing what you do best?


An SEO copywriter is trained in how to get your website ranking higher in google search or other search engines.


Traditional copywriting and SEO copywriting are two very different beasts. While traditional copywriting is all about persuading a human audience to take action, SEO copywriting aims to persuade search engines like Google that your website is worth ranking highly in search results.


That being said, a good website copywriter will have a solid understanding of how search engine optimization works. They’ll know how to create long-tail keywords that are relevant to your business and audience. But, ultimately, we know the focus of your website copy should be on creating content that’s both useful and engaging for your target audience. After all, it’s humans who you want to persuade to take action.


The good news is at Well Versed we’re both––we can create clickworthy content that’s right on brand and optimise it so google will love you long time, too.

While every project has different demands, our process is largely the same.


We’ll start by reviewing your project, brand guidelines, existing analytics/metrics/data, your customer avatar, and your KPIs. 


Then we give you a detailed strategy on how we can move forward, timelines for goals, and project costs.


I’ll often do a test page or messaging outline for you to review and approve so we’re both on the same page and my work is bang on brand.


Once you’ve given me the go-ahead, I’ll write up a full first draft.  


You now have 14 days to review and request any revisions. Unlike other copywriters, I offer unlimited revisions in those 14 days because there’s no way I want you to be anything less than thrilled with the copy (but please check the FAQ about the difference between a revision and a rewrite).


Once you’re happy with the copy, I’ll run the draft past our proofreader to do final checks. 


And if you’ve commissioned sales or UX copy, I’ll check in again 3 months later to make sure the copy’s doing its job right.


Great question! Let’s clear up the difference once and for all.


Copywriting is all about selling a product or service and using persuasive language to convince potential customers you have the solution they need.


Content writing, on the other hand, is more about delivering brand information in an entertaining and informative way. Think blog content, how-to posts, whitepapers, and newsletters that educate prospects and build trust.


Of course, there may be some overlap––a call to action in a newsletter, for example––but ultimately, copywriting is what seals the deal.


Your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. That’s why it’s essential to make your website copy well-written and engaging.


A good website copywriter can to capture your unique voice and craft persuasive, interesting copy that speaks to your target audience.


Plus, with only 20% of web visitors making it past the headline, you want to make sure your content is working hard to grab and keep their attention.


If you answered both, you get a sparkly gold star!  


You want to make sure your website appears in search engine results pages, but you also want to create content that’s useful and engaging for your readers. After all, it’s humans who you ultimately want to persuade to take action.


What constitutes a rewrite?


If you substantially alter your job from the specifications described in our original quote or add additional important criteria to your final brief (ie. style guides, compliance measures, etc) after we’ve completed the first draft, Well Versed considers this a rewrite.


What constitutes a revision?


All Well Versed Copywriting quotes include unlimited revisions within 14 days, so we can get your copy word perfect and fit for purpose.


A revision is a minor editing or creative tweaking of your copywriting project so that it perfectly matches your needs.


It doesn’t include significant rewriting or substantial new material outside your original brief.


Unlimited revisions within 14 days come FREE WITH EVERY PROJECT.


We’ll bill any revisions after 14 days (or 30 days for large projects), or requested after you’ve signed off/approved the final copy at our standard hourly rate.

Go next level.

Get Melbourne-born, world-class freelance copywriting and SEO expertise. Work with an SEO Copywriter Melbourne with 20+ years of proven success. 

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