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Our best copywriting tips to boost engagement

Marketing drivel seems hard to avoid. Most websites are full of it. So, how can you eradicate the marketing prattle and write honest copy that sells?

Let's look at 10 of our best copywriting tips that will help you give seedy sales-ness the flick forever.

Let me guess… when you talk to potential customers over the phone or online, you sound genuine, helpful and frank. No fluff. No marketing nonsense. No seedy sales talk. You give honest advice.

But what happens when you write copy for your brochure or your website? Do you sound as sincere as you do on the phone? 

Follow our best copywriting tips below, and I promise your copy will sound instantly more sincere, engaging and persuasive.


Best copywriting tips #1: Cut crappy phrases

How do you know your copy contains crappy phrases?

Put on your devil’s advocate hat, and ask yourself for each sentence: what does this mean? If you can’t come up with a specific answer immediately, cut or rephrase until your text is concrete and meaningful.

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Best copywriting tips #2: Slaughter marketing claptrap

Words like hundreds or millions may seem specific, but they sound like a marketer exaggerating the truth. Use particular numbers to draw attention and increase credibility.

Marketer claptrap:
Hundreds of small businesses use our accounting service to save time

Much better:
254 small businesses use our accounting service to save time


Best copywriting tips #3: Stop pussyfooting around

Subtleties and politeness are great (of course!).

But a subtle call-to-action gives people an excuse not to do as you ask. Starting a call-to-action with if is the best way to give people an excuse. Be bossy and tell people exactly what you expect them to do.

Overly polite:
If you’d like to join the Enchanting Marketing newsletter, just add your email address and click join

Simple and direct:
Add your email address and click join now.


Best copywriting tips #4: Give people a reason to do as you tell them

Do you want people to listen to you and follow your suggestions? Just give them a reason why.

How are you going to make them happier, healthier, or wealthier? Which problems, complications and difficulties will you help them avoid?

Not bad:

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Best copywriting tips #5: Give them a better reason

What do your readers really want?

Try to avoid fake benefits and focus on something your reader is looking for. Most real benefits are related to saving money, making more money, becoming happier, being free from fear or worry, or helping someone feel like they belong.


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Even better:

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Best copywriting tips #6: Cut sugary testimonials

You know those testimonials that sound like a marketer writes them? The sugar-coated words that tell you how wonderful, amazing and super-perfect something or someone is?

Nobody believes them. Instead, write story-based testimonials that help you overcome objections. Be specific. Add stats if you can.

Sugar-coated fluff no-one believes:

Smith is an amazing copywriter. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.

Much more credible:

I wasn’t sure about hiring Smith, but the copy she’s written for my business helped me win more customers. And she was fun to work with.


Best copywriting tips #7: Don’t walk away from the difficult stuff

Do you believe in miracles?

They don’t exist in business. I’ve never seen objections magically disappear. You need to address them.

If customers think you’re too expensive, explain how you’ll help them save more – time, money, heartache. Prove your value.

What objections do your customers have? How can you best address them? Copywriting is about taking away customer objections to pressing “buy now.” 


Best copywriting tips #8: Kill self-indulgent nonsense

Marketing messages become drivel if they go on (and on) about a company and its products. The quickest way to turn drivel into sales copy is to address a benefit or a problem your customers have first. 
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Best copywriting tips #9: Stop committing superlative sins

Superlatives like ‘best’ or ‘greatest’ are a sure-fire way to sound insincere. Only use them if you can prove why you’re the best.

A copywriting sin:

We provide the quickest printing service in town.

Much better:

Get your brochures printed in 48 hours or get 25% off.


Best copywriting tips #10: Eradicate adjective mumbo jumbo

When marketers have nothing to say, they add adjective upon adjective to their sentences. It makes your readers think “yeah, yeah, whatever,” and sends them straight to sleep.

Mumbo jumbo:

This relaxed, romantic collection of beautiful cookware has a look all its own, right up-to-date yet completely classic, that’s perfect for your kitchen.

Much better:

This cookware’s classic look suits most kitchens.

Even better:

Show detailed pictures of your product. Explain who inspired the design. Tell a story that’s much more interesting than a bunch of adjectives end-on-end.


Yes, copywriting for the web is challenging. You need to balance optimising content to get found in search engines and drive traffic to your site.

But if you want your human readers to spend money on your services and products, start by writing copy that speaks directly to their needs and gets them excited about doing business with you. 

Head back to the blog for more copywriting tips and tricks, or discover how to write a killer sales page here.



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