SEO copywriters

SEO uses a variety of arcane methods to get you on the first page of search engine results so more people find you. SEO without copywriting sounds contrived. It just drives potential customers away.

However, SEO copywriters optimize content to please both humans and Google gods.

How SEO copywriting works

Whenever you go to Google (or your favourite search engine), you’ll see a list of related websites. Have you ever wondered why Google chose to order those websites that way? 

It’s all about SEO. 

When your site is optimized according to SEO rules, you’re more likely to rank on the first page of results. There are other factors, too, like how popular it is with users, but just ranking on page one means your popularity will also rise, so there’s a perfect storm. 

The next hurdle is convincing a user to click on your link over all those they see on page one. A good SEO copywriter who knows their stuff can help here. 

Meta descriptions in search results help users with locating what they are looking for. If your meta description is captivating, informative and hard to do in 170 characters, you have a chance of users clicking your link and finding your webpage. 

And the more clicks you get, the more popular Google sees your site. And that means more customers, buyers or loyal brand devotees.

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