At Well Versed, we’ve been writing media releases for world-famous brands for almost two decades. See how a specialist press release writer can make your brand more visible.

Being a great press release writer is all about creating desire – for the journalist reading the media release and your target audience who’ll ultimately read about you in print or online.

The sole aim is to create a buzz around your brand in the media and, by extension, buyers.

A skilful press release can be a powerful and effective marketing tool. It can attract more potential customers to a business and positively affect internal organisation development. Choosing the right writer is therefore vital to help you attract new partnerships and joint venture opportunities for your business.

At Well Versed, we’re all about empowering small businesses. So, in this archive, you’ll find articles explaining how to create an affordable press release campaigns that get your business noticed by the media faster, how to brief your writer so they can create the perfect media release for you, how much a press release is likely to cost you, and more.