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Content creation – The ultimate list for client connection

Looking for marketing success in 2023? Content creation is key. These 7 tips will help you connect to your customer

In this sterile contactless world, it’s all about using content creation for customer connection.

It’s certainly been a wild ride for businesses over the last few years. The business stage changed faster than the build-up of discarded masks and RAT packets. With fires, floods, war and the pandemic, businesses now rely even more on their online presence for promotion and sales.

But what about your customers? What are they looking for in 2023? In a word, it’s connection.

The stats point to content creation for marketing success in 2023

As the world around us has turned sterile, contactless, and faceless, we need to connect more than ever. As a business owner or marketer, what’s the best way to connect? With great content creation. And the marketing experts agree:

Ahrefs ‘66 Content Marketing Statistics for 2022’ 1

  • Content marketing generates three times more leads while costing 62% less

  • 60% of marketers report that content marketing generates demand/leads

  • 81% of marketers view content as a core business strategy.

Hubspot’s ‘The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2021’ 2

  • SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media

  • Marketers today create content for multiple audience segments – marketing to three audience segments is most common

  • Ecommerce sales are expected to reach $6,54 trillion USD by 2023 (now that’s a nice pie – want a piece?).

With so many unforeseeable challenges already faced, you could be forgiven for asking “what next”? Well, we thought we’d put a positive spin on “what next”. Here’s a handy summary of what’s next in marketing trends to help your business survive and thrive in 2023.

AWAI report reveals 7 marketing trends and predictions for staying connected with your clients

content creation

The industry-leading American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) recently released:

‘State of the Industry Report – AWAI’s 2023 Copywriting Pricing Guide’

The guide contains a wealth of online marketing tips and predictions. Read on for our summary of the seven marketing trends to keep you and your customers connected.

1: Content marketing – crucial and widespread in 2023

Nine out of ten marketers currently use content marketing. And eight out of ten marketers view content as a core business strategy and actively invest in it.3 Do you think the marketers are trying to tell us something? You betcha. If the marketing industry sees content as crucial, then all businesses should consider it vital.

Key points

In 2023 the relevance and importance of content marketing continues, if not increases. Content should be:

    • Helpful, relevant and consistent in style and timing
    • Targeted to a distinct audience segment
    • Aimed towards profitable customer action
    • People-focused copy, as well as data-focused and technology fundamentals, will dominate 2023 marketing.4


2. Optimise for mobile – or be left standing still in 2023

A mobile device is like an extension of their anatomy for many people. And this trend is worldwide. There are more mobile users (5.29 billion) than internet users (4.88 billion)5.

Marketing software guru Hubspot confirms6:

    • Mobile devices make up over half of all website traffic
    • Mobile email optimisations is a focus for 56% of email marketers
    • Mobile optimisation is a beneficial investment for 64% of SEO marketers.

Key points

In 2023 you need to market with a mobile user focus to succeed. Businesses should focus on:

    • How quickly web pages load on mobiles
    • Readability – avoid small text/ tiny buttons
    • Easy clicks for direct calling and ordering
    • Images and content responsiveness (changing web element sizes and layout relative to the viewing device)
    • Don’t forget captions on video (Go on – admit it. Surely you’ve silently watched a video snippet during a meeting?).


3. Video continues to be a marketing blockbuster

2023 is the year to get more video camera action for your business. 96% of people have watched a video explaining a product or service and 85% want more video from brands7.

The most common brand videos created are7:

    • Explainer – 73%
    • Social media – 67%
    • Presentation – 51%
    • Sales videos and video ads – 41% each

Key points


    • Increases the time people spend on your site (good for SEO metrics)
    • Improves understanding of your brand’s products or services
    • Has become an integral component of content and marketing strategies. 96% of marketers will maintain or increase their video marketing efforts in 2023
    • Needs effective copywriting and content creation to engage with your audience.


4. E-A-T well for SEO success

You know those Google bots are busy crawling your site. But did you know they also want to E-A-T? Google’s updated algorithm rates Page Quality as one of its core components. And it’s all about a page’s Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)8.

Key points9

    • Content must be of excellent quality, have a high E-A-T focus and be written for your specific target clients
    • Solving a problem, being helpful and providing answers is crucial
    • Using empathy and building trust is a double win for your clients and Google
    • An experienced copywriter can help increase your E-A-T factor.


5. It’s time to shift gears into automatic marketing 10

The 2023 marketing compass is pointing towards automation. Automations tailors personalised experiences and connections for your customers. Is it time you joined the 51% of companies already using marketing automation?

Key points

Marketing automation needs:

    • Investment, development and review of your software, audience, messaging, and content
    • More content to cover different clients, their preferences and actions
    • Skilled content creation to create personalised copy. Content must reflect your brand’s voice and should appeal to your specific target audience
    • Responsive and targeted messaging
    • Chatbot technology and quality continue to grow. Chatbots are becoming an important opportunity for client service and engagement.


content creation


6. Don’t miss the link – LinkedIn opportunities

Love it or hate it – there’s no denying the Link. Over 46% of B2B social media traffic to company websites comes from LinkedIn. Want paid and organic success for your B2B brand? 82% of marketers think LinkedIn is where you should be11.

Key points

LinkedIn is crucial for B2B brands in 2023.

    • Investing in your LinkedIn content will:
    • Increase your LinkedIn shares
    • Help you stand out
    • Ultimately bring you more business.


7. Many businesses rely on a copywriter – but finding the right one for your content creation can be challenging.

Approximately 50% of B2B marketers have outsourced their content creation12. Is it time for you to add a copywriter to your arsenal of marketing tactics?

Key points

2023 is the year for fantastic copywriting and content creation. It’s essential to find a content writer that:

    • Has the topical expertise for your business and audience
    • Understand and empathises with your ideal client
    • Can work well with you and your brand voice.

To get the best value from a copywriter, it’s crucial to:

    • Realise this is not a set and forget process – the more you’re involved with the briefing and reviewing steps, the better the result will be
    • Pay them for the value they bring in a timely fashion. You get what you pay for
    • Remember, they’re writing for your customer, not for you. Sometimes style and word choices may not be your favourite but are crafted to appeal to your audience.

Connection in 2023 = effective content creation

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