Copywriters. How to choose them. How to hire them.

Copywriters. How to choose them. How to hire them.

Want a professional copywriting service that offers high-quality writing and competitive prices? With our reliable and affordable freelance copywriters, you get copy that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Learn more about choosing copywriters, what we offer, and how to get started.

Why hire copywriters at all?

Finding the right words to tell your brand’s story isn’t easy, and it’s even harder to do it consistently.

Why? Because attention spans are minuscule. People skim. They’ll only scan most of the copy you write for a few seconds at a time—and if your target audience doesn’t find what they’re looking for within those seconds, it’s all over.

Good copywriting elongates attention spans. Great copywriters can slow it down enough that your brand shines through. And the best know how to harness the power of words and psychology to indelibly stamp your message on your potential customers’ memory centres, so they remember what you stand for long after their eyes have left the page.

What’s more of your customer’s attention worth to your business?

So, how do copywriters write copy that will appeal to your potential customers?

Easy. Our conversion copywriters have been around the traps a bit, writing for all kinds of media, including websites, press releases, blogs and more. And we’ve learned a thing or three about how to get brand copy to stick in customers’ heads.

Get more traffic, build trust, encourage engagement and return visitors. Here you’ll find our best tips for choosing a copywriter that’s guaranteed to whip your copy into shape tout suite.

Don’t be tempted to fill your web copy with fluff, though—readers know when they’re being scammed. Focus on strong copy, filled with insights and information the reader can use in their everyday lives and they’ll reward you with repeat visits, lots of likes, and even more lovely sales.

It isn’t rocket science. But it takes some careful planning and wording to get the effects you want. Working backwards from what you want to achieve—your call to action—and making sure all your copy works towards this purpose is a great start.

Finding the right copywriters for your needs will make all the difference to your bottom line. And don’t forget you can always give us a call—we’re here to help you create remarkably compelling brand and business copy, every time.

The main goal of copywriting

Short answer: to persuade a reader to take a specific action. This could be purchasing a product, signing up for a service, subscribing to a newsletter, or engaging with a brand in some other way. Effective copywriting should engage your audience and communicate your product, service, or brand benefits in a way that convinces them to take action.

To achieve this goal, copywriting must be engaging, concise, and clear. It should communicate the unique value proposition of the product or service in a way that resonates with the reader. And it should also be tailored to the target audience, using language and tone that speaks directly to their interests and concerns.

Another important aspect of copywriting is creating a sense of urgency. By emphasising the immediate benefits of taking action, copywriting can motivate your target audience to act faster. Compelling headlines, attention-grabbing images, and persuasive language that communicates the value of your products or services are all part and parcel of our arsenal to achieve this end.

Overall, the main goal of copywriting is to create a connection with your customers and motivate them to take action. By understanding the needs and preferences of the target audience, crafting a persuasive message, and creating a sense of urgency, effective copywriting can help your business increase conversions and drive revenue.

Identifying your copywriting needs.

Before choosing from the hundreds of freelance copywriters you can find with a simple web search, you must first identify your specific needs. What kind of content do you want and why? Will your copywriter create a marketing campaign or just one piece of content? Are there any specific formatting or brand guidelines you’d like them to follow? Having these answers in your back pocket before you start your search will help define your ideal copywriter and whether the cost of their services is right for you.

The first step in finding great copywriters is to determine your scope of work.

  • If you need content for an entire digital marketing campaign, you’ll want a full-service content marketing agency specialising in strategy and execution.

  • Want to boost your traffic by targeting keywords with useful content (UX)? Content writing, white paper, or blog writing specialists can help you there.

  • Want a technical content specialist? There are skilled copywriters who focus on your niche exclusively.

  • Want web pages that convey your high-level brand messages, funnel potential customers to your calls to action, and optimise your traffic? An SEO copywriter is the way to go.

  • For marketing communications, direct mail, or sales copy you’ll want persuasive writing from a conversion copywriter who knows how to target your audience’s emotional centres to get past their psychological obstacles to buying your products.

Whatever copywriting services you need, you’ll find a copywriter (or 10) who will work only in that area.

Alternatively, a smaller business may prefer to hire copywriters who can handle everything from one-off blog posts to long-form web pages. Generalists can write perfect content, too! Researching different agencies and portfolios also helps narrow down which services best suit your needs.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask potential copywriters what they can contribute—a good copywriter should be able to offer suggestions on how they can help your business reach its goals.

Know who your target audience is

Determining your target audience is a crucial step in any marketing or business strategy. It allows you to tailor your messaging, products, and services to the specific needs and preferences of your potential customers, ultimately increasing the likelihood of sales and customer retention. Here are some steps you can take to identify your target audience:

  1. Conduct market research: Start by researching the demographics and psychographics of your potential customers. Demographics include factors such as age, gender, income, education level, and location. Psychographics include factors such as interests, hobbies, values, and lifestyles. Use surveys, interviews, and social media analytics to gather this information.

  2. Analyze your current customer base: Look at your existing customers and analyze their characteristics. Identify patterns and similarities among your customers, such as age range, purchasing habits, and preferences. This can give you insights into the types of customers who are already interested in your products or services.

  3. Consider your competition: Research your competitors and analyze their target audiences. Identify gaps in their marketing strategies and see if you can fill those gaps by targeting a specific niche audience. Additionally, look at the customers who are already loyal to your competitors and see if you can create a message that resonates with them.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can create a targeted content strategy that speaks directly to them. This can include creating targeted ads, developing content that appeals to their interests and crafting headlines and calls to action that will speak to their unique concerns. Keep in mind that your target audience may evolve over time as your business grows and changes, so it’s important to regularly review and update your strategy to ensure your content always reaches the right people.

Researching prices and services offered.

Before you dive into selecting a copywriting agency, it’s essential to be aware of what services they offer and the prices they charge. Do your research to get an idea of different rates available in your city, state, or country, so you can make an educated decision. You should also check out samples of work the writers have done and ensure the quality matches your expectations.

Agencies like Well Versed will provide quotes and customise a solution according to your budget and needs.

When researching copywriting services, it’s important to include the quality of work as a criterion. Some services may be cheaper than others, but if the content produced is lacklustre and not what you’re looking for, then it’s probably not worth the savings.

It’s best to research previous customer reviews or ask the company for samples of their work to get a better idea of the quality offered. Once you find the service you are looking for, be sure to inquire about any additional fees or extra costs that might arise. Taking your time during this process will help ensure you get a top-notch copy writing service at an affordable price!

What about PR writers?

At Well Versed, we’ve been writing media releases for world-famous brands for almost two decades. A specialist press release writer can make your brand more visible.

Being a great press release writer is all about creating desire – for the journalist reading the media release and your target audience who’ll ultimately read about you in print or online.

The sole aim is to create a buzz around your brand in the media and, by extension, among buyers.

A skilful press release can be a powerful and effective marketing tool. It can attract more potential customers to a business and positively affect internal organisation development. Choosing the right writer is therefore vital to help you attract new partnerships and joint venture opportunities for your business.

At Well Versed, we’re all about empowering small businesses. So, in our blog, you’ll find articles explaining how to create an affordable press release campaigns that get your business noticed by the media faster, how to brief your writer so they can create the perfect media release for you, how much a press release is likely to cost you, and more.

A bit more about SEO copywriting

SEO (search engine optimization) uses a variety of arcane methods to get your website on the first page of search engine results so more people find you. SEO without copywriting sounds contrived. It just drives potential customers away.

However, SEO copywriters optimize content to please both humans and Google gods.

How SEO copywriting works

Whenever you go to Google (or your favourite search engine), you’ll see a list of related websites. Have you ever wondered why Google ordered those websites that way? 

It’s all about SEO. 

When you optimise your site according to search engine rules, you’re more likely to rank on the first page of results. There are other factors, too, like how popular your web page is with users, but just ranking on page one means your popularity will also rise, so there’s a perfect storm. 

The next hurdle is convincing a user to click on your link over all those they see on page one. A good SEO copywriter who knows their stuff can help here. 

Blog copywriting for business growth.

To harness the power of blog writing for business growth, you’ll need to commission highly targeted articles that engage your potential customers with your brand proposition and are a delight to read. Just take a look at these examples to get some inspiration about where to begin.

At Well Versed, we employ the latest SEO, marketing, customer research, and psychological tools to create stories that excite, inform, and inspire, written in a casual, easy-to-understand style that invites people to learn more about your brand.

Your typical customer is in a hurry—their attention will wander within 7-20 seconds if you’re not giving them the content they want. That means they’ll probably only read about 25% of your landing page. In fact, you’re lucky if they read just 20% of your headline.

So unless your content writing is simple, clear and direct, chances are your key business messages won’t get through to your target audience.

Make your brand voice matter. The most successful copywriter knows how to speak directly to your audience, using their own language to convey your brand messages. We put ourselves in your audience’s shoes (or their brains) before we put pen to paper (or fingers to keys), getting to the heart of what they want to know, hear, learn and see.

That way, we can nail your message every time.

At Well Versed Copywriting, we write for you, not to you. That means we take time to really understand your target market and capture the words that make them act.

When it comes to copywriting blogs for business, you get keyword-rich, word-perfect copy that targets your customers’ neuro-buying patterns… and get noticed faster for all the right reasons.

We’re also SEO trained, so we can research which keywords will give the most bang for your buck and organically insert them into your copy so your audience will never notice.

We’re a small team of conversion copywriters based in Melbourne but writing for companies all around the world. When you work with us, we take the time to really understand your business, how your ideal customer thinks and what will convince them to buy.

Then we write the content that speaks to them directly and persuades them to take action, whether it’s clicking that buy now button, becoming a brand follower or bringing more attention to your business.

Working out your budget & shopping around for the best deal.

Work out your budget and compare prices from different copywriting service providers. This way, you can get the best deal that works within your budget and is customised to suit your needs.

Many services offer different rates for ongoing projects, so research before committing to one provider. Additionally, check out the agency or writer’s reviews and consider their trustworthiness based on feedback from previous clients. You want high-quality work at an affordable price—so shop around!

Finding an excellent copywriting service doesn’t have to be a painstakingly long process. Look for experienced writers who’ll happily share samples of their work and ensure that the project cost is within your budget. There are plenty of options out there, from freelance providers to agencies offering tailored services, so take the time to research and shop around for the best deal.

Negotiating your terms & finalising the contract.

Once you’ve found a copywriting service that meets your needs, negotiate the terms of your contract and make sure to clarify any other details. For example:

·       What are the deadlines for each phase of the copywriting project?

·       How will payment be structured?

·       Which drafts and revisions will you receive during the process?

Ensure you agree on everything before signing and that both parties understand the terms of the agreement. That way, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands!

Before signing the contract, be sure to read through it thoroughly and understand all its terms. Ask any questions you may have, and ensure the copywriter addresses them. This is an essential step for avoiding any unpleasant surprises later in the process.

When done correctly, transparent negotiation can set a strong foundation for your relationship with your copywriter and ensure that everything moves smoothly throughout the project.

Agreeing on payment plans.

With payment plans and deadlines, discuss what works best for you in terms of budget, timeline, and preferences. Many professionals require an upfront deposit at the start of a project or two instalments across the project’s duration.

If it’s the first time you’ve worked with Well Versed, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit upfront and a 50% balance paid when we submit the first draft. Why? Well, we’re sorry to say that we’ve been burned in the past by dodgy operators who have ghosted us after the first draft was submitted (but still used our copy). A deposit means that we share the risk equally—and we think that’s a fair bargain.

Of course, if you want to pay in full upfront, we’ll give you a discount. Most of our repeat customers take this option because they know we’ll deliver in spades.

And for regular clients, we’re also happy to invoice after we’ve finished the work because we have an ongoing relationship.

As for deadlines, make sure you both understand when specific phases need to be completed. This will keep your copywriting project on track and completed promptly.

It may take a bit of back and forth, but building a seamless client-freelancer relationship that works for both parties is worth it.

It can be tough to sift through all the copywriters out there, but trust me, it’s worth it to find the one that fits your needs. Freelancer or agency? In-house or remote? These are all questions to consider.

When it comes to cost, there are a ton of factors to think about, like the level of expertise your writer has and how complicated your project is. Check out this Australian copywriting cost guide to see ballparks of what to expect for different levels of experience and project types.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get great copy. Just make sure to communicate your budget upfront and you’ll be able to find a writer who works within your means.

At the end of the day, investing in quality copy can help take your business to the next level. With a little research and some clear expectations, you’ll be able to find a writer who can create content that speaks directly to your audience and helps you grow your brand.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your perfect copywriting match!

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