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Transform mediocre writing into powerful prose that sells your ideas like crazy!

copy editing experience at the highest levels

I understand that combing through content with a meticulous eye for detail takes time and practice. That's why I've assembled a team of expert freelance proofreaders and copy editors dedicated to making sure your writing is polished and error-free. We'll take care of all the hard work, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Care & Precision

My team carefully reviews your content before, editing, proofreading, and polishing it to ensure that it's ready for your target market. Whether you're in government, business, a student or an academic, think of us as your secret weapon for brilliant copy editing.

Humanise your AI content

We understand the nuances and intricacies of both human and AI-generated writing, and my team of skilled copyeditors has the expertise to edit and polish your content to perfection, regardless of its origin. Whether you need help with AI-generated copy, or any other type of content, we're here to help.

Editing copy can be a tough and tedious job.

After 30 years of dotting i's and crossing t's, I know that better than most.

My editing team’s here to take the pain out of copy editing, leaving you with flawless writing that shines brighter.

How I can help

What kind of copy editing do you need?


Get a big picture perspective on your draft as you're developing it. We'll identify any gaps, give you guidance on how to improve & our honest opinion on whether it will work for your audience.


Improve flow, punctuation & grammar, flag inconsistencies in tone or storyline, & focus on getting your draft ready for publishing. Good for text that needs substantial rewriting, restructuring, or reformatting, and/or checking for accuracy.


Increase clarity, readability, and professionalism without changing your content or style. Best for final drafts because we'll assume you've finished writing your document and don't want major changes.


Check for mechanical correctness, grammar, punctuation, spelling, omitted words, repeated words, spacing & format, and typographical errors. Proofread only after you've finished all your other revisions & editing.

Why choose Well Versed?

Elevate your content, with clarity, precision & impact


With 30 years copyediting for clients across a range of industries and disciplines, I know what it takes to help your writing stand out.


I'll always work quickly and efficiently to ensure your writing is ready to go when you need it, without ever compromising on quality.


I pride myself on my attention to detail, commitment to quality, and dedication to helping you achieve your goals.


I know every piece of writing is unique, and I take the time to understand your goals and tailor my services to meet your specific needs.

copy editing done right

Let’s create something extraordinary together today

Get ready to take your draft from “hmmm” to “Hell yes!”


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