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VIP Copywriting Day

Are you a busy marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur who needs copy that makes an impact, yesterday?

Get copy that screams you & does exactly what you need it to do in just 24 hours.

copywriting VIP days

I know, writing brand copy for your business can be seriously hard.
Brain-scratchingly, frustratingly hard.

BUT what if I told you THERE'S A WAY TO
wipe that copy project off your to-do list tomorrow?

Sure, you could write your website (sales, nurture, SEO) copy yourself.

But (not to blow my own kazoo or anything), I’ve been doing this (and only this) for 20 years now, so it’s safe to say I can probably write customer-converting copy better, faster, & more effectively than most people.

And that means you get a free day to do what you do best, like grow your business (or finally book that spa day).


Stop torturing yourself.

There's an easy way to get word-perfect, customer-compelling copy
that sounds just like you
(only better)
done & dusted in just 24 hours.

Think about it for a sec:

No more staring at a blank screen, willing the right words to magically form up in the exact sequence guaranteed to boost your sales, sell more stuff, and get more eyes on what you do best.

No more putting off that launch because you just haven’t nailed the landing page copy and email sequence to wow your audience and have them lining up to work with you, stat.

You could finally stop worrying about why your website isn’t galloping up the rankings & focus on optimising the bottom of your funnel to get more repeat customers & more referrals.

UM...what's a

VIP Copywriting Day?

It’s a day of red-carpet VIP treatment and focused copywriting that gives you sales-generating copy guaranteed to leave your competition in the dust. It's copywriting on steroids, designed to get a first draft of your project sorted within 24 hours.

Yep, you read that right.
When you get your copywriting done-for-you-in-a-day,
you get exclusive access to my 2 decades worth of conversion copywriting experience and my undivided attention on your project (and only your project) to optimise your copy and ensure it's as amygdala-tingling, index-finger-clickingly persuasive as fast as humanly possible.

Whether it’s website copy, a new funnel, or a sales page that gets results, great copywriting is the secret sauce that mesmerises and moves your audience to act. And getting my creative brain and copywriting know-how utterly in the zone and focused on making your brand set the world on fire is the key to making that happen for you... big time.

In fact, I've helped previous brands take off with 5 and 6-figure launches in just weeks.

Melbourne copywriter testimonial

“After my VIP copywriting day, enquiries increased by 300% the following week. It paid back my investment with Well Versed several times over. You’re a copy genius!”

Trish Varker-Miles

director, the trish nicol agency

Can you really spare another 10 minutes reading this, or shall we just do this thing now?

Here's the naked truth:

You’re too busy doing the do to write juicy, high-converting copy that’s sure-fire fabulous enough to wow your peeps.

When it comes to conversion copywriting, most people feel overwhelmed and stressed. It’s perfectly fine to feel you don’t know where to start or that you just can’t find the time or resources to get those flawless, client-alluring words on the page.

You know why?—because you’re damn good at your job, and it’s impossible to be an expert in ALL the things ALL the time.

And guess what? 

I can’t balance a spreadsheet or cook a pav to save myself. But I’m damn good at what I do best, and that just so happens to be conversion copywriting.

Hey, look! We’re a match made in heaven!

I love what I do. Writing copy is like breathing to me. And I love helping businesses waste less time and/or money creating kick-arse, remarkable copy for their websites, sales pages, and nurture sequences that convert into lots of lovely sales and ROI as fast as humanly possible. In fact, my focus for every VIP copywriting day is to make sure you at least double your investment.

This is what your life could look like after one of my Vip days:

Customer wooing-copy in your hot little inbox you can instantly upload to your website, send to your database, or launch like a boss.

A custom SEO strategy from a professional with 20+ years' experience, with lots of lovely actionable steps to get you more Google love.

More leads making the move from considering your brand to choosing your brand and your products over all your competitors.

What could you cross off your to-do list?

Pick one & I'll write it for you within 24 hrs

A 1500-word sales page + 3 email nurture sequence to convince more customers to choose you over your competition

The 5 x high-converting web pages you need, optimised to drive more traffic to your funnels and make more sales

A click-worthy landing page + 3 x email funnels to get more eyes & itchy click fingers on your best products

Or anything else SEO research, audit, or copywriting-related you can dream up that's going to make your life so much easier, stat.

Let’s turn your great ideas into powerful copy that runs rings around your competition

Here’s how to get brilliant copy

written for you over 6 hours

+ unlimited amends in


01 Book it

Book your VIP Day here below (or shoot me an email first here if you've got questions). You’ll sign the contract, pay the first half of the invoice + dive into the in-depth questionnaire designed to tell me everything I need to know to create remarkable copy for you in a day.

02 The day before

We schedule a 60-minute strategy call to go even deeper into your questionnaire, clearing up any questions, and planing the layout of each page, so you’re getting exactly what you want, every time.

03 Get excited! Today's the day!

On the day you've nominated, I'll get straight down to writing your strategic copy, making sure I include everything we discussed. At the end of the day, I’ll send you a link to your copy in Google Docs and a Loom video walking you through it.

04 The next day

On the day you've nominated, I'll get straight down to writing your strategic copy, making sure I include everything we discussed. At the end of the day, I’ll send you a link to your copy in Google Docs and a Loom video walking you through it.

05 Follow-up check in

Once you’re feeling 100% confident with your copy, we’ll schedule an (optional) off-boarding call to ensure you’re feeling good about your next steps!

so, who exactly is this for?

A VIP Copywriting Day is perfect for you if:

It’s probably not for you if:

Copywriter Melbourne

Just in case we haven't quite been introduced...


Since 2001, I’ve created engaging, high-converting content for a diverse range of clients, big and small—some just starting on their business adventure and others numbered among the world’s most recognisable brands.

I’ve got an Honours degree in English (UniMelb) and a PhD in Journalism & Media (UNSW), specialising in online media. Because I’m a big nerd who loves research and wanted to know why people buy stuff, I’ve also got a Postgrad degree in Psychology (Monash). 

And just to top it off, I’ve delved into the dark arts of SEO and done formal training on how to make sure your on and offline SEO is purring along, and your keywords and copy work seamlessly together to get you more customers.

In my previous career life, I lectured in English and Professional Communications at The University of Melbourne and La Trobe, presented my research all over the world, and published numerous papers in international journals.

But I discovered I liked helping businesses herd their words even more, using my natural writing talent and neuromarketing know-how to take their sales and web pages from ‘blergh’ to ‘OMG, please take my money now.’

Are you ready to

transform your business copy from good enough to “hell, yeah!” in 24 hours?

Pay in Full

1 Payment of

$1799 +GST

your questions, answered.

Yep, you’ve got me and me alone at your disposal! We’ll be besties by the end of the day, guaranteed.

VIP days come with a guaranteed faster delivery date. They’re packages condensed & intensified. And while VIP days do come with a guaranteed delivery date, they don’t come with a guaranteed amount of set deliverables, which is why packages can be better if you have a larger project. 

Shoot me an email or jump on the phone if you’d like to discuss which one you’ll need further.

I don’t cap edits for VIP days because I know this is a big investment and I care more that you’re happy with the final product. 

But don’t mix up revision and rewrite. While I’m happy to tweak and make amends until you’re happy (within 14 days), I can’t to multiple versions of the same copy or rewrite it because you’ve changed your mind about what you want since we spoke in our briefing call. If you need something completely different, I’ll suggest you book another VIP day so we can sort it all out.

The beauty of the VIP Copywriting Day is that I’m doing all the hard work for you!

You’ll need to be available for our Discovery and Follow-up calls, and be ready to reply to an email if I have questions during the day, but otherwise you can sit back & put your feet up!

If you’ve got regular copy jobs you need done and don’t want to wait for my schedule to open up, you can always book me for more than one VIP day, or even book one VIP day a week for as long as you need me.

I also offer half VIP days (for small jobs), a VIP copywriting week (bigger jobs), and 2 VIP weeks (mammoth jobs) – shoot me an email to let me know what you need and I’ll fit you in the first available slot.

Quit struggling with your copy & let’s put some killer words on the page already!
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