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Did you know that, on average, only 2 out of 10 people read beyond your headline?

SEO Copywriting

keeps them scrolling,

all the way down to ‘buy now.’

SEO copywriting has 2 jobs.

One. Make sure more people find you online.

Two. Convince every single one of them that your product, service or solution is exactly what they've been searching for all their lives.

Let me see if I’ve got this right.

You’ve invested mega time/money/tears/sleepless nights creating something you know people are gonna seriously love.

You know your demographic, you’ve got a foolproof marketing strategy in place, and you’ve built a kick-ass landing page. 

Then, zero. zilch. zip. nada.

Nobody’s seeing your achingly perfect brain-child.

No one’s trigger-happy index finger’s poised over the ‘Hell Yes! Buy Now’ button.


there's no fault in your star product strategy.

You just haven't optimised your web copy till it's super juicy & ready to convert.

I know a freelance SEO copywriter who can help you with that 😉

The last thing you want to hear when you launch a new product is crickets.

The truth is, there could be any number of reasons you're not getting the response you want from your website.

  • Your copy could be great but be so focused on waxing lyrical about your awesome brand that you’ve forgotten the cardinal rule of words that sell: WIIFM (what’s in it for me?).

Great conversion copy is like being the coolest chick at a swanky cocktail party, and I don’t mean the one who looks killer but only has one topic of conversation: herself. I don’t know about you, but I want to be sipping a mojito next to the gal who’s telling fun stories, listening carefully to what I have to say, asking the right questions, and speaking on my wavelength.

  • Maybe you forgot to create a clear roadmap to your click button. If you don’t tell readers what to do (and why it will make their life soooo much better), chances are they’ll just skim off the page and onto your competitor’s

Great conversion copy makes sure every line of your website compels the reader to learn more and take the next step. That’s it’s only purpose – get someone to take action. What are you asking your web visitors to do?

  • Perhaps your keywords aren’t matching your audience’s expectations, or you haven’t put them in the right order for maximum effect. Or you forgot that you should be writing for humans first, Google second.

SEO isn’t rocket science, but there are rules to follow (and sometimes Google changes them unexpectedly). A good SEO copywriter can guide you to putting the right elements in the right spot to make sure you’re not undermining your chances of ranking higher.


Here's the lowdown

SEO + conversion copywriting
gives you
all of the above & more.

You need ...

My Well Versed SEO copywriting packages

SEO-savvy copywriting boosts your rankings, gets more clicks, & converts more customers.

Done for you SEO Audits

Take a look under the hood of your current website to audit its SEO fitness, pinpoint what's working & what isn't (because you never want to blithely change something that's already bringing you bank). Includes technical and on Page audit.
$ 947 + GST
  • Get a solid action plan for boosting customer & Google love

Keyword & Competitor Research

Get an exhaustive list of keywords for your website, blog copy, & any other content you need to bring in more traffic, leads, & click-ready customers.
$ 550 + GST
  • Go ninja with a sneaky peek at what your top competitors are ranking for, how they're doing it, & why.

Get SEO copy that really converts

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. 

Put all your SEO research into practice with finely crafted brand messages that connect with, captivate, and convince your audience to sing you praises and click that ‘buy now’ button on repeat. 

We’ll also take care of your meta descriptions, tag, and alt text titles, and make sure you have the right keyword density to crush your competition.

Power up

Perfect for start ups, home-grown & growing businesses who just want to start selling already
$ 970 + GST
  • 5 page website
  • Includes keyword report and competitor analysis + meta copy
  • 2 x amends within 14 DAYS
  • 2 x Zoom or phone briefings

Let's Step on the Gas
Traffic Booster

Take your online game up a notch - for businesses ready & eager to catapult their brand game to the next level
$ 1797 + GST
  • 10 page website
  • Content architecture strategy
  • UNLIMITED amends within 14 days
  • SEO keyword research & meta copy
  • UNLIMITED Zoom or phone briefings

Why choose us?

SEO content done right, with a thoughtful approach

Never met a brief I didn't nail.

Over my 20+ years of experience, I’ve written for almost every industry sector imaginable. Chances are I’ve delivered on a brief similar to yours, so I’ll know immediately what you’ll need to get extraordinary results.

We're just wired that way.

My team and I are natural born writers – writing is as easy as breathing for us. There’s no down time while we struggle with writer’s block. And that means we’re able to write faster, so you pay less for top-quality work.

I make you sound amazing.

I write for you, not to you. What does that mean? I take extra time to really understand your business, how your ideal customer thinks and what will convince them to buy. Then I write content that speaks directly to them and persuades them to take action.

You're in good company.

Join the high-profile local and global brands that trust me to capture their brand’s essence and effortlessly resonate with their target audience. Discover how experienced I am and why 99% of my client list are repeat customers years later.

Blog content

Use SEO to discover exactly what your audience wants to read right now. Get detailed outlines (so you can get AI to write it for you, or ask us to take care of everything from go to whoa!)
Contact us
  • Take advantage of our 20+ years experience writing captivating content for audiences across every industry
  • Includes keyword report and competitor analysis + meta copy
  • 2 x amends within 14 DAYS
  • Zoom or phone briefings
  • Full content outlines and guide to how to prompt AI to get great results
  • Generate a single blog or a year's worth of content

Super Blast

The ultimate done-for-you SEO copy solution for brands that just want a brilliant solution that works, no fuss
$ 5577 + GST
  • Get SEO with the lot for 20 x web pages of your choice (including blogs)
  • UNLIMITED amends within 30 days
  • SEO keyword research report
  • Competitor report
  • 50pp brand messaging & Tone of Voice guide
  • Content architecture & content strategy
  • UNLIMITED Zoom or phone briefings/ progress calls
  • SEO & copy presentation walkthrough video

Put your website on Google’s map & convert more customers now

Want bonuses?

When you work with me you get some super special bonus add-ons

you won’t get elsewhere.


unlimited revisions

Forget the measly 2 x amends most SEO copywriters offer. 

With my Traffic Booster & Super Blast packages, you get 14 days or 30 days UNLIMITED revisions when you work with me.

Why? Because I really want you to love your copy headline to CTA.


BONUS proofing

I like to completely immerse myself in your brand, SEO, & web copy. 

But sometimes, that means I can miss the odd comma. That’s why I include FREE third-party proofreading with all my project packages.


pay upfront discounts

Look, I get it. If it’s your first time working with me, you’ll probably want our 50% deposit, 50% balance of payment at first draft terms, until you know what an awesome job me (and my team) do. 

But repeat clients love my upfront discounts because they get my awesome copy for less.

so, who exactly is this for?

My SEO copywriting services are the right fit for you if:

Copywriter Melbourne

Just in case we haven't been introduced...

I'M Felicity, YOUR friendly word herder, conversion copy expert & new BUSINESS BESTIE.

Who am I to show you how to optimise your copy for more conversions?

Since 2001, I’ve created engaging, high-converting content for a diverse range of clients, big and small—some just starting on their business adventure and others numbered among the world’s most recognisable brands.

I’ve got an Honours degree in English (UniMelb) and a PhD in Journalism & Media (UNSW), specialising in online media. Because I’m a big nerd who loves research and wanted to know why people buy stuff, I’ve also got a Postgrad degree in Psychology (Monash). 

And just to top it off, I’ve delved into the dark arts of SEO and done formal training on how to make sure your on and offline SEO is purring along, and your keywords and copy work seamlessly together to get you more customers.

In my previous career life, I lectured in English and Professional Communications at The University of Melbourne and La Trobe, presented my research all over the world, and published numerous papers in international journals.

But I discovered I liked helping businesses herd their words even more, using my natural writing talent and neuromarketing know-how to take their sales and web pages from ‘blergh’ to ‘OMG, please take my money now.’

“Thank you so much for your help and general get it done attitude. It’s been a dream.”

Murray Jess

canon business services

Melbourne copywriter testimonial

“Well Versed copy is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business growth. I wouldn’t trust my clients’ copy with anyone else. Don’t hesitate – get them writing for you asap.”

Trish Varker-Miles

The Trish Nicol Agency

conversion copywriters for fashion brands

“Thank you for making my words sound so wonderful.”

Toni Maticevski

Couture designer

I’m friendly, fun, easy to work with, & peachy keen to solve your SEO copy problems once & for all.

But I’ve also been doing this copywriting gig for over two decades now & that brings with it a whole boatload of pluses for your business:

  • I know how to optimise your website so people can find you online faster and easier than ever. 
  • I can craft word-perfect copy that makes customers clamour to choose you over your competitors (without the sales sleaze).
  • I get how to create a pillar post that brings you more business on repeat & we’ll make the process seem effortless.

And because I’ve been herding words for businesses just like yours for longer than I can count, I can do all the above faster and more efficiently than others with half my runs on the board.

Put simple, we love what we do, we know what we’re doing, & we’re focussed on getting you results, with no fuss (& preferably a few cheeky giggles along the way).

It depends on your project and how much copy, research & optimising you want us to do. 

I’m usually booked up a couple of weeks in advance so, if you’re ready, press go now so I can book you into my schedule asap.

Once you’ve filled out our brief sheet, paid your deposit, and I’ve had an introductory chat, it usually takes between 2 & 4 weeks to get a first draft completed for small to medium projects.

If you’ve got a copy crisis on your hands, let me know. I can sometimes juggle a few things (please note that I’ll add 25% to your estimate to fit you in, stat).

Hey, I know I’m not the cheapest. Neither am I the most expensive. And compared to the US & UK copywriting market, my rates are positively bargain basement (read our report on US copywriting rates here).

But, let me ask you, what’s greater visibility, cut-through, sales & brand loyalty worth to your bottom line?

Or, to put it another way, can you afford to leave your brand reputation & sales copy in the hands of a writer who’s less experienced? 


OK. Let’s get down to converting your online customers like a boss. 

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