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Here's just a few of the copywriting clients in our Well Versed Family.

the Well Versed Family

Lifestyle & luxury

We’ve worked with a wide range of Australian and international  lifestyle and luxury copywriting clients, including some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

Property, Interiors & Construction

If it’s to do with property – building it, buying it, selling it, or styling it – we’ve written about it. We work with the complete spectrum of property copywriting clients, including designers, architects, builders, specifiers and manufacturers.

Agency & Corporate

We got our start writing for PR, Marketing & ad agencies. It’s still our bread and butter. These copywriting clients call us when they need an extra helping hand fast because they know we can work across multiple industries.

Fashion & Beauty

We’ve written for haute couture and fashion industry mavericks alike. Here’s a few names you might have heard before – but we’ve got hundreds on our books who are just starting to make a name for themselves.

Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Back when we wrote exclusively for PR, we put together copy for most of Sydney’s chef’s hat eateries. Now we write everything from websites to food blogs for restaurants across the country.


Perhaps it’s our founder’s farm upbringing, but we seem to find ourselves writing about tractors, engines and fertiliser a great deal. Go figure. At the moment, we’re the (written) voice behind Kubota. But we’ve also written copy for Mini and Toyota, so perhaps that balances them out a little.


Because of our extensive experience in academia, it’s a no brainer that some of Australia’s top universities have become regular Well Versed copywriting clients. We help with everything from government research reports to journal editing, marketing copy to advertisements.

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