Master the psychology of writing & connect with your audience

As writers, we always want to make a connection with our readers. What better way than adopting psychology of writing techniques into our copy?

Wielding physiological loopholes for your content is much less daunting than it may seem. Once you get past the mumbo jumbo of it all, some clear psychological techniques begin to emerge that feel quite close to home. 

In fact, like the neuroscience of storytelling, the psychology of writing works by surpassing your readers’ sense of logic and engaging with them on more emotional terms. That’s something we storytellers are familiar with, yes?

You want to gently persuade with content by using subtle language techniques that bolster trust and rapport with your readers. By adopting the following techniques into your copy, you’ll be able to engage with your audience better while still producing integrity-based and honest content.


Use these four psychology of writing tricks to get your message across faster and make more meaningful connections with your readers:


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