Why UX is always crucial to your bottom line.

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Down & dirty web copy tips #1

Why UX matters when you're writing web content

Typically users are in a hurry – they leave a page within 7-20 seconds. That means they’ll probably only have a chance to read about 25% of the content on your landing page.

Great UX (User eXperience) strategies keep them engaged and interested in your online brand offering. Unless your web content is simple, clear and direct, chances are your key business messages won’t getting through to your target user.

So how do you create an engaging UX on your website? As UX copywriters, here are our best tips:

  1. That first 10 seconds a user is on your landing page is absolutely crucial – it will determine whether they stay for a while or leave immediately.
  2. If your site is poorly designed, appears ‘unkempt’, has broken links or spelling/grammatical errors in the first sentence or paragraph, you’ve already lost 99% of your potential online customers.
  3. After you’ve passed this initial muster, users will probably stay a while and look around. However, they’re still likely to bounce away within the next 20 seconds if your site fails to live up to initial expectations.

The good news? If your UX strategies have managed to keep a visitor interested in your site for 30 seconds, they’re more likely to stick around at little longer – up to 2 minutes, which is an eternity on the web these days.

And the longer they linger, the more likely you’ll be able to convert an interested user into a customer.

So the moral of the story is:

To convert users to customers you must clearly communicate your business value proposition within 10 seconds using clever UX strategies.

For more quick & dirty tips on how you can convert web users into customers, drop us a line at Well Versed.

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